Long term care (LTC) facility guidance and resources from the Iowa Department of Public Health, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, American Health Care Association, National Center for Assisted Living, and local health systems. This guidance is based on the best public health data available at this time. As new data and practices emerge, these guidelines may need to be updated. 

Long Term Care Facility

General Resources

Helpful tips for LTC  (PDF)

COVID-19 guidance for LTC facilities  (PDF)

COVID-19 patient handout  (PDF)

How to cope with anxiety about novel coronavirus (COVID-19)  (PDF)

Infection Mitigation Guidance

Isolation Guidance for Essential Personnel

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Healthcare Guidance

Guidance on applying for waivers for CMS or state only facilities  (PDF)

COVID-19 Testing

COVID-19 Response

COVID-19 Palliative Care

New or Returning Residents