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1. What is Linn County Public Health’s role in providing COVID-19 vaccine to our community?
2. Is there a way for Linn County residents to sign up or to register for COVID-19 vaccine?
3. How can I get notified about COVID-19 vaccine status updates?
4. How will I be notified when I am eligible to get the vaccine?
5. When did COVID-19 vaccine distribution start in Linn County?
6. Will enough COVID-19 vaccine be available for everyone who wants it?
7. Who is eligible for the vaccine?
8. If I get the vaccine, will that take one away from someone who needs it more than me?
9. Will the COVID-19 vaccine be prioritized to certain groups?
10. How are priority groups identified?
11. What are the phases and who is eligible in each phase?
12. What phase are we in? 
13. Why are some states offering COVID-19 vaccine to groups that are not in the same phase as Iowa?
14. What are mRNA vaccines and how do they work?
15. Can I choose which vaccine I receive (Pfizer-BioNTech or Moderna)?
16. Can I get other vaccines at the same time I get a COVID-19 vaccine?
17. I’m a healthy adult, why should I get a vaccine?
18. If I can build immunity to COVID-19 naturally, why should I get a vaccine?
19. I went all year without getting COVID-19, why should I get a vaccine now?
20. Can my children get the vaccine?
21. Why should I get a vaccine if my children can’t get a vaccine yet? I’m still exposed to them.
22. I am pregnant or nursing, can I get the vaccine?
23. Does the vaccine cause reproductive issues?
24. Where can I get vaccinated?
25. What is the process to schedule a COVID-19 vaccine appointment at Eastern Iowa Health Center?
26. What is the process to schedule a COVID-19 vaccine appointment at Mercy Medical Center?
27. What is the process to schedule a COVID-19 vaccine appointment at Unity Point Health – Cedar Rapids?
28. What is the process to schedule a COVID-19 vaccine appointment through select Hy-Vee Pharmacies in Iowa?
29. What is the process to schedule a COVID-19 vaccine appointment at Clark’s Pharmacy?
30. Will Linn County Public Health hold public mass vaccination clinics?
31. Who can give the COVID-19 vaccine?
32. For Healthcare Providers: How do I become a vaccine provider?
33. What documentation do I need to bring with me to get the vaccine?
34. Does my immigration status matter for getting the vaccine?
35. Will they ask me for my insurance card?
36. Will there be a cost for the vaccine?
37. How do we know the COVID-19 vaccine is safe and effective?
38. Is the vaccine effective against new COVID-19 variants?
39. How many people participated in the clinical trials for the vaccine?
40. What are the side effects of the mRNA COVID-19 vaccines?
41. I’ve had an allergic reaction to the flu shot, is it safe to get a COVID-19 vaccine?
42. Will the COVID-19 vaccine affect medication I am taking?
43. Will the vaccine give me COVID-19 or make me sick?
44. Can I still test positive for COVID-19 after getting the vaccine?
45. How long will immunity from the COVID-19 vaccine last?
46. Will I need more than one dose of COVID-19 vaccine?
47. Why is it important to get a second dose of vaccine?
48. Can I get my second dose with another brand of vaccine?
49. If I already had COVID-19 do I still need to get the vaccine?
50. Does immunity after getting COVID-19 last longer than protection from COVID-19 vaccines?
51. What percentage of the population needs to be vaccinated to have herd immunity to COVID-19?
52. Will the COVID-19 vaccine stop the pandemic?
53. Can I stop wearing my mask and social distancing if I had the vaccine?
54. What is IRIS and what information will be stored there?
55. When you get the vaccine, will the government also inject a tracking device?
56. Is the government collecting my DNA?
57. What do I need to know to avoid COVID-19 vaccine scams?